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This site offers a  practical info on how to implement healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes aimed at increasing our well-being and lifespan.

Toxicity and Modern Diseases

The world we live in is getting more and more toxic. Cancer, diabetes 2 and other modern diseases are steadily lessening our lifespan.

Yet, the essential knowledge about natural and alternative approaches to preventing and curing diseases is fairly unknown.

“Food” As Opposed To Food

The entire consumer society and advertising industry is built around creating illusions and misleading our hectic minds into addiction and compulsive buying.

Highly processed “food”, advertised as healthy and nutritious often contain harmful and cancerogenic ingredients.

Consequently, the basic awareness about truly healthy food is missing in general.

Can’t I Just Find The Info On The Web?

Doing research to understand alternative options is not easy in today’s busy world.

It is only when the serious health issue strikes that some people start looking for alternatives and start implementing diet and lifestyle changes.

The rest, faced with fear and the lack of time, opt for drugs and therapies designed to address the effect and not the root cause.

How Is This Site Different?

“Food In, Love Out” is built around the idea of making it easy. Easy to understand and not too hard to implement. Practical information, written in simple language and gathered on one place. Starts from nutrition basics and gradually suggests more changes.

Breathe In, Breathe Out.

Healthy Food In, Love Out.

The Author

Suzana Profile Pic

Hello, my name is Suzana and I live with my family in Brussels.

The health challenges I started experiencing as a result of busy corporate life, stress, poor nutrition and frequent traveling set me up on a path to look for healing alternatives.

I was astounded and shocked by the whole new world that opened up to me.

As I have recently left the corporate world, I have more time to share my experience and what I have learned through many years of avidly exploring and “living” the topic.

My wish is to make more people aware of unconventional, natural and less known ways to deal with the health challenges or simply live healthier.

At the end of the day, we are entitled to know both sides of the story so that we can make an educated choice.

I am not a doctor, only someone who spent years passionately researching healthy nutrition, alternative medicine, holistic medicine and the likes.

I am grateful and always try to reference and give credit to all the researchers and fellow enthusiasts who dedicate their time to discovering or capturing known natural alternatives to the “official truth”.

If the content on this site helps even a little, my mission is accomplished.

Thank you for passing by. 

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