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A Way to Obstruct the Aging Process

Regular exercise builds up immunity, speeds up the elimination of toxins and rejuvenates  the body.

You’ve probably already come across many approaches to “modern exercising” like spinning, pilates, cardio, and myriad of others.

I don’t think we should obsess about choosing the “perfect” exercise.  Every exercise that you enjoy is a perfect exercise.  However making it a routine is very important especially if you have a sedentary work style and spending hours in front of the computer like I do.

Moderate exercise, brisk walking, jumping on trampoline, dance, yoga or any other form that you enjoy is important to be done every day. 

Besides exercise, a highly alkaline, raw diet, deep breathing, increasing the pure water intake etc. are very good for oxygenizing.

High Intensity Interval Training

A relatively new approach to exercise is called High Intensity Interval Training or Peak 8 (by Dr. Mercola).

In essence, you need to raise your rate up to anaerobic threshold for 20 seconds and then you recover for 90 seconds and repeat 8 times.  Reaching the anaerobic threshold (when it becomes hard to breathe because you miss the oxygen) will cause your human growth hormone (HGH)  to increase.

Human growth hormone production decreases after we reach 30s. Obviously increasing the HGH naturally is a good way to obstruct the aging process 🙂

I find this high-intensity training* very convenient because it lasts only 20 minutes, so you have no excuses for not having the time and you don’t need some fancy equipment – type of exercise is entirely up to you; can simply be alternating fast and slow walking.

I like using elliptical cross-trainer for high-intensity training. It took me ages to compare reviews and choose one, so finally I bought a mid-priced NordicTrack E4.2 which I find smooth and very good quality for the money.

I  also found that wearing a pedometer works really well. In fact, each member of our family owns one, including our 5-year old who almost always wins the competition 🙂 The goal is to reach at least 10K steps a day.   My most active day in the corporate world, rushing from meeting to meeting, to the school, to the office and back would typically result in only about 4K steps.

A mid-priced pedometer (we own Fitbit Zip  or Fitbit One) works really well.

Quick Checklist

    • Make your daily 30+minutes exercise schedule and no matter what stick to it.  The type is less important: brisk walking, jumping on trampoline, elliptical, yoga, swimming, really anything works. Consider doing it together with your partner, children, or family member and making it a habit.
    • If your work style is sedentary, consider 15 minutes reminders to stand up and do a simple exercise.  Some additional interesting ideas and techniques can be found here.

Notes and More Info

*The high intensity training is not suited for everybody.  Make sure you first verify if this training is appropriate for you or seek your health care practitioner’s advice in case of any concerns. More info can be found here Peak 8