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Well-Being and Stress Handling

Psychological factor, negative emotions and stress tend to be far more prevalent as disease triggers than all of the other physical ones.

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Note that at least 80 percent of all diseases appear to be caused by negative thoughts and emotions.

The path you choose to manage stress levels is less important.

What is important is to break free from toxic emotions like hatred, bitterness, fear, jealousy, envy, angriness that all highly contribute to your stress levels and block the energy flows.

To develop ability to quieten the mind and achieve the sense of inner peace.

To increase the capacity to love unconditionally, enjoy the life and forgive.

I particularly like Eckhart Tolle’s take on modern spirituality.  His books The Power of Now and New Earth could be that little something that puts all things in perspective and give you the key to finding the inner piece and happiness.

For stress handling, Dr. Mercola for example recommends energetic approaches such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT is based on many years of knowledge accumulated by the Chinese.  It works by reestablishing full energetic flow of the body’s underlying energy (meridian system) by tapping (which can be seen as form of acupressure) and positive affirmations.

For those that are not into spiritual or Eastern wisdom and technics, there are other good “tools” like: stress reducing CDs, listening to relaxing music, dancing, playing an instrument, etc.

Herb Eleuthero (“Siberian ginseng”) contains anti-fatigue and anti-stress properties that help to support the adrenal glands thus improving our tolerance to stress. Siberian ginseng is used when level of cortisol is high.

We simply need to remember that laughing, loving, kissing and hugging are the greatest of all “stress-terminators”.

For example hugging is a wonderful “medicine” as it transfers energy and gives both persons an emotional lift.

Plus you usually can’t give a hug without getting one back – so smile at and hug that person that is next to you, no matter who he/she is 🙂

Breathe In, Love Out 🙂