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Dr. Budwig’s Cancer Fighting Oil Protein Recipe

Dr. Budwig’s Basic Oil-Protein Recipe


Over a 50 year period, Johanna Budwig (biochemist and physicist) had a 90% plus cancer cure rate in Germany among 4500 patients afflicted with all types of cancers. Some cancer victims that she cured with her protocol were considered terminal…Johanna Budwig had determined that organic cold pressed flaxseed oil was the most suitable fat to combine with an easy to eat protein-sulfur of quark/cottage cheese for the elusive respiratory enzyme that could penetrate cancer cells. These two disparate foods were able to combine and create the oxygen within cancer cells for restoring normalcy  Source

As there is a lot of false information on the internet, I decided to make a step-by-step guide for the basic recipe that forms a key part of Dr. Budwig’s  protocol.


Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese Step-by-step Recipe

This recipe is a step-by-step guide to prepare the oil-protein meal. This meal is the key part of the Dr. Budwig’s protocol. It is also a great cancer prevention (delicious!) meal that you can incorporate as part of your diet. In order to achieve the benefits, the recipe needs to be quite rigorously followed in terms of how to blend oil with cheese and how to prepare grinded flaxseed.



  • Dr-Budwig-Recipe3 TBS flaxseed oil*, cold pressed (always check the expiry date and keep refrigerated)
  • 6 TBS cottage cheese* (quark, kefir, goat cheese, homemade cheese all work well. It has to be a low content fat cheese, NOT old and mature.
  • 2TBS flaxseeds* (brown or golden)
  • 100g (1/2 cup) berries* (blackberries, strawberries etc)
  • 60-100g (1 cup) nuts* (Brazil nuts, walnuts or other)

*Use organic ingredients whenever possible.

You will also need the stick blender and the coffee grinder.

Preparation time: 15 minutes


  1. Use the stick blender to fully “emulsify” oil and cheese. You should obtain a creamy mixture like this one on the photo. The oil and cheese should be entirely blended, no oil should stay separated. This is extremely important to get right, as this oil/protein mixture is a key to success!


2. Grind flaxseed (brown or golden) in the coffee grinder. They should look like these on the photo.  Important to note: you should always use FRESHLY grinded flaxseeds. Both golden or brown are fine. They can’t be prepared in advance, as the grinded flaxseed should be consumed maximum 20 minutes after grinding.


3. Add the grinded flaxseed to the oil & cheese mixture.


In case your mixture turns too tick, you can add some yogurt or FRESHLY squeezed juice.

4. Finally you add berries and nuts. Brazil nuts are great choice as they are high in selenium (always buy RAW, never roasted nuts and keep them in the fridge to preserve the oils). Walnuts are also great.



Enjoy this delicious, healthy and filling meal at least once a day as a great cancer prevention aid.

P.S. There is a lot of information on the web, not all of it is true as some try to make money by recommending specific products that are supposedly part of the Budwig’s protocol.

For authentic information on dr. Budwig protocol, I recommend this site http://www.healingcancernaturally.com/budwig_protocol.html