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“THE BRAND NEW ME” Detox Protocol


I made this detox plan recently for my daughter and we have done it together for 5 days (you can do it anywhere from 1 to 7 days). I do recognize that the detox is highly controversial so I am simply sharing our experiences. The detox protocols that involve only juicing seemed too bland and difficult for her to follow so I had to think of something that contains more variety and somewhat “resembles” to regular eating day, but at the same time stick to the most of the serious detox protocol requirements (I don’t believe in quick 1 day detox programs that begin on the first and end on the same day). The “BRAND NEW ME” detox protocol is targeting the full “reset” of the digestive system, bowel/liver and colon cleanse and light heavy-metal cleanse. I used some inspiration from different detox protocols I have read about and tried over years and fine-tuned it to suit some of our particular needs. The fruits, vegetables, supplements etc. used in this program are all carefully chosen to provide the maximum nutrition whilst achieving the detox goals. The protocol involves 1) Preparation phase, 2) Actual Detox (1 to 7 day) and 3) Maintenance phase. The protocol is based on consuming juices and vegetable broth mainly, NO solid food is allowed. Whilst this protocol is not meant for losing weight, you will, as a bonus 🙂 naturally lose some, typically a kg a day. Plus you will enjoy your brand new radiant look in the mirror and having much more energy than before.


Please remember that you should avoid starting any detox regimen when you are sick. In any case it is necessary to consult your healthy practitioner before undertaking any detox program.


aIMG_0836 (36)Before Doing Any Detox, You Need To Optimize Your Diet.

Many people start a detox after long indulging in an unhealthy diet high in sugar and processed foods, expecting to clean the mess by doing one day of detox, then then continue as usual. It would be great if it is that easy, but it is not as we all know. Decision to do a serious detox for the first time should come along with a firm determination to switch to healthier eating and lifestyle afterwards. It is important to realize that detoxification is a marathon and NOT a sprint and that you should be doing it from time to time each time revising your needs and prolonging it gradually. This is also why the preparation phase for detox matters. And this is why the maintenance phase after the detox, matters even more, as eventually the maintenance phase prolongs and becomes your new lifestyle.


At least two weeks, preferably one month before you start the detox program you to need to prepare and optimize your gut function and start cleaning and preparing your detoxification pathways and elimination routes and boost your liver’s detoxification capacity. I list here some suggested steps

  1. aIMG_0619Significantly increase the intake of vegetables and fruits. Best to start juicing if not already done. Consume at least one big glass of juice a day to get used to the detox and hopefully continue this practice after the detox and beyond.  You would need a good mid-priced juicer, I have a Samson and very pleased with it.
  2. Eliminate the inflammatory and allergenic foods: dairy, sugars (especially HFCS), gluten, corn, processed and packaged foods, fast foods, most glutinous starch and grain. Gradually step back and stop your caffeine intake before the detox begins. Your diet should be low in carbohydrates, moderate-to-low in protein, and high in beneficial fats (olive oil, flax oil, coconut oil, avocado, ghee, raw butter).
  3. Boost your glutathione by consuming
    • High quality whey protein, from the “clean” milk of organically raised cows
    • Sulfur-containing foods such as broccoli, collards, kale, daikon radish, garlic, onions – raw or fermented
  4. Take vitamins B9 (folate) B12 and B6 best through the food or alternatively buy a high quality and natural supplement
  5. To they help your body detoxify metals, eat food rich in zinc and selenium like good quality fish/meat, spinach, pumpkin, nuts and seeds.
  6.  Start introducing the heavy metal binders. A good binder for heavy metals is chlorella. Please start slowly, using cilantro/coriander first (around 400 mg) and work up chlorella slowly and gradually. Other binders you may use are clay/zeolites.
  7. Infuse your digestive tract with beneficial bacteria – by either taking a good probiotic supplement or even better by consuming plenty of fermented vegetables
  8. Optimize your body’s elimination routes by
    • Drinking a lot of fluids (pure water) to kick-start the detox
    • Taking additional fiber (link) to support frequent bowel movement
    • Going to (infrared) sauna is also great, as your tissues get heated deep, which enhances your metabolic processes, circulation and oxygenates tissues.


  1. IMG_1322Carefully review the entire detox protocol and get all what you need on time. I enclose the list of all recipes, shopping list along with supplements and list of things you will need HERE.
  2. In case you don’t have access to fresh wheat grass, 6 days before the detox, you should start growing your own wheat grass so it is ready for consumption during the detox.
  3. You will be drinking around 3+liters of liquids during the detox.
  4. During the detox salt is not allowed, but feel free to add spices such as pepper, fresh mint, basil, oregano, chives, or thyme.
  5. Remember to soak almonds overnight, the night before.
  6. Plan your exercise carefully. Exercise that produces perspiration, saunas, and steam baths, all is good. At minimum, it is required to participate in mild to moderate exercise, committing to at least 30 minutes of moderate cardio each day, such as walking, jogging or swimming.




Vitamin C

Vitamin B Complex (B9/12/6)


Omega 3

Fiber ‘Organic Psyllium Whole Husk 340g’ by Organic India

Whey Protein

Zeolite (optional)

If you live in the US you can find most of the supplements I recommend here. For UK and EU the link is here.


The detox daily routine will involve quite some preparation time for juices and broth. You will see what works best for you, for example I like to prepare juices and broth during the morning. Here is the list of things that you can prepare in the morning.

    • Prepare your Juice No. 1,  You’ll need around 1.5 liters of juice no.1 for the day. Wash well all veggies and fruits, don’t peel. Store them in the refrigerator in glass containers for one day.
    • Prepare your lemon water and/or ginger/lemon tea for the day. Fresh, pure filtered water should always be at hand.
    • Prepare your vegetable broth for the day. You’ll need around 1 liter of broth. Best to start preparing it after taking a first juice in the morning.
    • The rest of juices, teas, “deserts” you need to prepare during the day.
Morning  Afternoon  Dinner Before going to bed
  • Start each day off by Ginger Lemon Tea* or lemon water (big glass of warm water with juice of half a lemon).
  • Take a teaspoon of coconut oil (or a tablespoon if you are used to it).
  • Take a 0.5l of Juice No. 1 Miracle Drink*.
  • Take your fiber.
  • Go for a 30 min. walk.
  • Snack 🙂 Juice No. 2: Citrus Tonic*
  • Vegetable broth* (0.5l).
  • A big glass (0.5l) of Juice No. 1: Miracle Drink*.
  • Wheatgrass shot (start with 30ml).
  • Moderate exercise or walk 20-30 minutes.
  • Enema time (only on the first day).
  • Vegetable broth (0.5l).
  • A big glass (0.5l) of Juice No. 1 Miracle Drink*.
  • Snack: 1 cup of Vanilla/Cinnamon Almond Milk* or Coconut Chia Pudding*.
  • Take a detox bath*.
  • Drink a soothing chamomile tea.
  • Take supplements each night before bedtime with a full glass of water.
  • Make sure you get ENOUGH restful sleep!
*All “BRAND NEW ME” Detox Protocol recipes and shopping list can be found here.

Manage Cravings  

  • The first two days are typically the hardest. For me the first day was hard and I was obsessed with what I am going to “eat” (drink) next. Somewhere around 6 p.m. suddenly the hunger was gone and never fully returned in the following 4 days.
  • For my daughter first two days were hardest and the rest went better, but not totally smooth, and we had to manage end-of-day cravings.

IMG_1193Few ideas to manage food cravings

  • Carrot/Apple Juice freshly pressed. 3-4 large carrots, 1 granny smith apple, cored, don’t peel
  • Orange juice (press two oranges)
  • If you really, really need it you can make a smoothie of half banana with some other fruit like apricots, blueberry, mango etc. etc. add some pure coconut water or unsweetened, pure coconut milk.
  • Alternatively take another cup of almond milk.
  • Alternatively you eat another coconut chia pudding.


No, you can’t just go out and eat a cake  🙂 First few days you should be slowly introducing some solid foods and slowly going back through the similar regimen as described in the preparation phase. Most of the supplements should be continued after the detox, especially chlorella (around 2 months), probiotic, vitamin C and Omega 3. The practice of juicing (a big glass of juice a day) should become a daily practice. Make sure to keep carbohydrates/sugar under control, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and take care of good quality protein and healthy fats intake. A bunch of healthy  and QUICK recipes for your inspiration can be found in foodinlove’s recipes library here. And if you managed to get here, yes, you are on the right way to longer and healthier life, congrats!

That’s it – and if you decide to try it out would love to hear about your experiences!

12 Anti-Aging Resources From Your Kitchen. Say NO to TOXINS!

Inexpensive Anti-Aging Resources Found In Almost Every Kitchen!

Instead of throwing the money on expensive anti-age products, you can efficiently keep those wrinkles at bay by using few resources most of them available at your hand in your kitchen. Next to coconut oil I have written about on few occasions I list here 12 more anti-aging natural resources. 

    1. Yogurt rejuvenates the skin. It is good for every type of skin, and especially good for sensitive skin. Yogurt will make your skin tone even and will peel off the old cells. Apply yogurt to your face and neck and wash off after 15-20 minutes.
    2. Milk anti-aging resource in your kitchen Milk has a wonderful effect on your skin. It can be used as cleanser and moisturizer. It is especially convenient for dry skin. Combined with honey, milk hydrates and has refreshing effect on your skin.
    3. Lemon juice known for its high content of vitamin C, promotes collagen synthesis. It will peel off the old cells and lighten the skin tone. As a natural antibacterial, lemon juice can fight the bacteria that cause acne. Lemon juice should be mixed with water, milk or yogurt before applying it to the skin.
    4. Egg white mask will make the skin firmer instantly and reduce wrinkles. Wash off as soon as it dries completely.
    5. Olive oil has amazing anti-aging properties and has been used as part of beauty regime for a very long time.
    6. Coconut milk has strong anti-aging properties and can be used alone or combined with honey.
    7. Fresh tomato juice is very good for oily skin due to its great astringent properties.
    8. Cucumber is often used as part of face packs due to its firming and rejuvenating effect on skin. It is also good for under eye circles.
    9. Rose water is one of the best toners with multiple anti-aging and healing properties.
    10. aloe veraAloe Vera is one of the best natural moisturizers and nature’s little miracle with many healing properties. Apply regularly to your face to make your complexion clearer and smoother and reduce inflammation. See how to Make Your Own Toxins Free Aloe Vera Gel at Home.
    11. Almonds are well known for providing very good skin care and nutrition. Ground almonds are used in face masks in combination with e.g. milk. Almond oil, rich in vitamin E is used for facial and body massage, for natural sunscreens etc.
    12. Gram flour (chickpea flour) mixed with some milk or coconut oil is known as a great deep pore cleanser

Facial Pack for a Great, Younger-Looking Skin.

Depending on the type of skin use either yogurt, milk or rose water. Add some turmeric powder and gram flour and few drops of lemon juice.

Mix it all into a paste, apply to face and neck and wash off after 15-20 minutes.

Food On, Beauty Out 🙂

These come to mind first. I’d love to hear which one works best for you and if you know of other great inexpensive anti-aging resources?

8 Tips To Restore Natural Hormonal Balance

Restoring Natural Hormonal Balance Strategies

Treating hormone imbalances requires a whole-body approach; the best approaches are often preventive and involve diet, exercise and other lifestyle-based strategies.

Each woman will have a unique path to her hormonal balance.

Here are some of the strategies

  1. Reduce Exposure to Hormone-Disrupting Substances (Xenoestrogens).  Read Tips to Reduce Exposure to Hormone-Disrupting Substances
  2. Reduce stress. So your answer might not necessarily lie in using hormones, but rather addressing your stress levels so that your body can normalize your hormone levels naturally. Link to Stress Handling.
  3. Stop using birth control pill. In case you are using birth control pill, you have to stop immediately and go for natural and safe alternatives. All other strategies described below are most likely useless, should you be against discontinuing the oral contraceptive.
  4. Healthy diet and exercising regularly can keep our hormones balanced as we age. Refined carbohydrates, processed food and heated fats raise our estrogen to abnormal levels. This is a major contributing cause of premenopausal and menopausal symptoms.
  5. Herbs & Supplements
  • Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil can be very effective in restoring the hormonal balance and are my favorites to relieve the symptoms of pre-menopause like PMS and irregular period.
  • Royal Macha seems to be a great aid for menopause symptoms that has helped many women. Make sure to obtain the authentic version from Peru.
  • Black Cohosh is very effective and may help regulate body temperature and hot flashes. Black cohosh (a phytoestrogen) and the natural progesterone are very effective.
  • Herb Eleuthero (“Siberian ginseng”) contains anti-fatigue and anti-stress properties that help to support the adrenal glands thus improving our tolerance to stress. Siberian ginseng is used when levels of cortisol are high.
  • Licorice root. Herb famous for supporting adrenal imbalance, licorice root also increases energy, endurance, and vitality. Beware, it can increase the blood pressure.
  • Indian ginseng, also known as Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Chasteberry (Vitex). Ancient cultures used these herbs as a natural way to restore the hormone functions.

5. Detox and Elimination. Detox and elimination are key to healthy hormones See here for some simple Guidelines.

6. Consuming plenty of phytoestrogens (plant-estrogens) such as licorice and alfalfa before menopause can also help moderate your day-to-day estrogen levels so that when menopause comes, the drop won’t be so dramatic.

7. Consider Progesterone Supplementation.  Whilst natural progesterone supplementation is for sure warranted and work miracles for some women it is not a universal solution that works in every case. Progesterone Supplementation is a controversial and complex topic, please read more below.

8. Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT (using bioidentical and NOT synthetic hormones) seems to be warranted only in some sporadic cases especially in induced menopause (after hysterectomy). It is again a controversial and complex topic, please read more below.

Natural Progesterone Supplementation

The pioneer in this field, Dr. John Lee made a breakthrough when he stated that estrogen dominance was the real cause of pre/menopause symptoms. He suggested rebalancing the ratio of estrogen to progesterone through progesterone supplementation.

Whilst natural progesterone supplementation is for sure warranted and work miracles for some women it is not a universal solution that works in every case.

For example, if stress is creating your hormonal imbalance, adding progesterone may relieve the symptom, but will not tackle the cause.

That being said, the natural progesterone is very useful to somewhat balance excess estrogen which can be for example a major risk for breast cancer.

This natural progesterone helps to balance estrogen hormones and may help and provide: Relief from PMS and menopause symptoms, a normalized menstrual cycle, including relieving menstrual-related allergies , relief from breast pain and tenderness.

You will want to make sure you get your hormonal levels checked properly before embarking on any kind of hormone supplementation program, and work with a knowledgeable health care practitioner who can guide you as the assessment is never a straight-forward exercise. The hormones testing is a controversial topic because it is difficult to get an accurate measure of the levels. 24 hour urine test seems to be one of the better ways.

If you truly are progesterone deficient, then additional natural progesterone may be a good solution for you, particularly when used as part of a comprehensive plan that includes healthy lifestyle and healthy diet.

Only Natural Progesterone Supplement!

Extremely important to note is that the term « natural » progesterone means the real hormone. Synthetic versions like Provera will actually increase your risk of cancers and heart disease. Natural progesterone is made from a substance which is extracted from wild yams or soybeans.  Even though it may be extracted from soy it is a purified hormone and there should be no remnants of soy that would cause any problem.

  • In Europe hormones cannot be bought without prescription and it looks like FDA will soon impose the prescription requirement as well.
  • Hormones should not be taken orally. When taken orally only 10-15% will eventually reach the target tissues and you will need to take an oral dose that is 500% higher than you need. Over 30 different metabolites are created in your liver when you swallow the progesterone and any of these can then have unwanted side effects.
  • Dr.Mercola suggest “under the tongue” progesterone as opposed to cream or apply the cream to your mucous epithelial membranes that line your uterus and vagina.
  • The cream applied to other parts of the skin may work at the beginning but after a while may saturate the fat tissue which can even make your symptoms worse.
  • The last time I checked all natural high quality progesterone cream I used to use and have great experience with, still can be bought at http://www.life-flo.com/women-s-wellness/progesta-care-unscented.html

Estrogen Supplementation/Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Medical recommendations have fluctuated back and forth when it comes to replacing hormones like estrogen in women suffering from symptoms of menopause and induced menopause following a hysterectomy.

Most conventional doctors have been suggesting for years that all pre/peri/menopause symptoms result from a drop in estrogen production. Consequently, they prescribed estrogen supplementation, or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), usually with dangerous synthetic hormones.

Studies have found that HRT increases your breast cancer risk by at least one percent per year, and HRT with progestin increases your risk by eight percent per year, potentially going as high as 30 percent after just four years of use.

HRT (using bioidentical and NOT synthetic hormones) seems to be warranted only in some sporadic cases especially in induced menopause (after hysterectomy) – again, you’ll want to make sure you get your hormonal levels checked properly before embarking on any kind of hormone supplementation program, and work with a knowledgeable health care practitioner well-versed in bioidentical hormone replacement.

If a woman has had her ovaries surgically removed, there may be an indication to actually use a natural estrogen replacement (Triest or Biest) to support the physiology. Once the ovaries are removed the body tends to lose this normalization capacity.

Also if the hot flashes are persistent, small doses of natural human (NOT synthetic or horse!) estrogen may be warranted.

To minimize your risk of cancer it is very important to understand that you should never take any supplemental estrogen without taking natural progesterone.

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