Ghee – Both Medicine and Ideal Cooking Oil

gg3Ghee is my “magic” ingredient in almost every cooked meal.

Ghee is also called “clarified butter” because it is prepared by cooking the butter until the water evaporates and then straining out the milk solids.

Not only the ghee is one of best cooking oils (as it is one of the few unrefined oils that can withstand high cooking temperature) but it gives a beautiful, rich flavor to your dish.

Ghee is considered a medicine, it is used extensively in Ayurveda and has many healing properties including those of intellect promoting and vitalizing.

Interestingly the ghee is also a digestive and it helps improve absorption and assimilation.

As an alternative you can buy commercial ghee, however it won’t be as good as homemade.  Commercial ghee is normally made using a centrifugal separator and not all of the water and solids are removed.

It takes only 15-20 minutes to prepare the ghee and this is how I make it:    Homemade Ghee Recipe