Quick Guacamole Recipe

Quick Guacamole

You need 5-10 minutes of time to prepare it.

Mix the following ingredientsGuacamole 810

          • 2 avocados
          • ¼ of onion
          • 3-4 cloves of garlics
          • 1/2 tomato
          • juice of half lemon (and some peel)
          • fresh coriander
          • 1/6 jalapeno pepper (optional)

My “secret” ingredient is the lemon peel that contains even more nutrients and health benefits than the lemon juice. I add around 1 square cm of peel which gives the guacamole a very special taste that all my family adores.

Blend everything and your guacamole is ready.

You can add some salt and pepper.

Food In, Love Out 🙂