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Oatmeal Chocolate Pudding – Healthy, Gluten-Free Breakfast, Snack or Dessert Idea

What’s For Breakfast?


Oats, rich with fiber and unique antioxidants help remove bad cholesterol, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, enhance immune response to infection, help protect from breast cancer source 

Oats are also known to produce a chemical that releases testosterone into the blood supply.

Whilst eating grains altogether can be a controversial subject, oats represent one of the safer, gluten-free variety.

I share a really simple recipe that has become one of my favorite choices for breakfast.

This pudding is really filling, slow-release energy and packed with healthy ingredients. It provides antioxidants and feel-good serotonin from the cocoa, protein from hemp/chia, good fats from coconut oil, omega-3 from nuts and numerous other beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals – all you need to have a fabulous and productive day!

As a bonus, it limits cravings for chocolate so I eat it as a snack or even sometimes as a dessert 🙂

You can add almost anything to it – coconut milk, cinnamon, almonds, vanilla… whatever you feel like – here is one of my favorite combinations designed to provide a complete breakfast.

Oats-Choco-Pudding-BlogOatmeal Chocolate Pudding Recipe


Water – 1 liter (4 cups)
Oats – 120gr.  (1.5 cup) (oatmeal, organic and free of any additives)
Pinch of salt
1-2 tbs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1 tbs Organic Hemp Powder or Chia Seeds
2 tbs Raw Organic Cocoa Powder
1-2 tbp Raw Honey or 2 medjool dates
1 tbs Walnuts (or other nuts)
1-2 bananas
1 tbs of berries for topping.

Preparation time: 15 minutes.  Makes 4 servings.


In a medium sized saucepan bring the 4 cups of water to boil. Sprinkle the oatmeal over the boiling water, stirring constantly to prevent any lumps from forming. Add a pinch of salt and reduce the heat to low and allow the porridge to simmer for 10-15 minutes (see the product directions), stirring occasionally.
Let it cool (important! so you don’t destroy the beneficial properties of honey, raw cocoa etc.) and then add the rest of the ingredients. I like using a hand blender to make a smooth, pudding like texture.
You can eat it warm or refrigerate and eat later.

Enjoy and let your day begin!

Please feel free to comment/share your favorite Oatmeal porridge recipe.

5 Min. Anti-Aging Facial Cream

Get rid of your expensive and toxic facial creams and make your own!

Get rid of your expensive anti-aging creams – most of them, even the most expensive brands, contain toxic and cancerogenic ingredients!

You can make your own anti-aging cream that is highly nourishing and has some outstanding anti-rid properties.

You can’t use lack of time as an excuse  as you really  need only 5 minutes which is what it takes to mix the ingredients together 🙂

You will need: Coconut oil, vitamin E, essential oils of Rosewood or Rosa damascena,  Citron, Lavender, Rosemary essential oils.

And if you don’t have the time to make and learn about it we can gladly make it for you – follow this link Belle Comme Une Rose


      • Please ensure that you are not allergic to the essential oil of your choice. To prevent any unexpected allergic reactions, please perform a skin patch test.
      • If you intend to use the cream during the day, avoid the citrus  oils as they can leave marks on your skin when exposed to the direct sunlight.


Mix in a small glass or ceramic recipient

  • 2 tablespoons (30-35ml) of organic VIRGIN Coconut oil.
  • 1 capsule of vitamin E (pierce it and squeeze in)
  • 10-12 drops of different organic pure essential oils depending on your preference. For example, a combination of Rosewood Oil (or Rosa damascena essential oil if you can afford it), Citron essential oil (all famous for their anti-wrinkle properties), Lavender and Rosemary If your skin is prone to acne, you may want to add couple of drops of tea tree essential oil because of its unique disinfecting and soothing properties.
  • Mix everything well with a wooden spoon.  Transfer it in a small glass jar with a lid.
  • Before applying to the face take a small quantity (really small!) of the cream, put it on your palm and dilute with few drops of tonic or hydrolate or plain water – I occasionaly use Rosa damascena hydrolate. Your skin type should dictate how much tonic/water you’d need, obviously more tonic if your skin type is mixed or oily.

The cream will keep fresh up to a year, just make sure you don’t touch it with wet fingers. It is not necessary to refrigerate,  just keep it in a dry area, temperature below 25.  If it is too warm it will start to melt so in that case  you may want to store it in the fridge.

Enjoy your new, nature-powered look in the mirror.

Food On, Beauty Out 🙂