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The simple concept of cleansing the facial skin with oils is based on the fact that oil dissolves oil.

The soaps strip the oil out of the skin, leaving the skin trying to repair itself by producing more and more oil.

The answer is in cleaning the face with oils.

You can try it with pure coconut oil or olive oil (always use extra virgin) or oil mix according to your skin type.  We also like enriching it with a blend of essential oils like lavender or tea tree; if you don’t like experimenting, you can visit our shop and order here


1. Put few drops in your palm and spread it over your face and neck.

2. Massage your face and neck for couple of minutes allowing the oils to penetrate the skin.

3. Take a small towel and run in under a very warm water (as warm as you can bear without burning yourself). Put in on face and wait until the steam does its work for couple of minutes.

4. Wipe off the face with the towel and repeat once more if needed. Do not overdo it, rather make sure you leave a thin protective layer. No need to put the daily cream afterwards unless you have a very dry skin.

5. Enjoy your silky, softened and nicely hydrated skin 🙂

P.S if you have been using soaps to clean the face for long time, your skin will need up to 7 days to adapt to the new way of washing (it may still produce excess oils) before you see the real results.  Be patient 🙂