Prof. Hristo Mermerski’s Garlic Remedy. Prevents Cancer. Boosts Your Immune System.

Garlic Remedy Food In Love OutI wondered what the taste of the remedy with 12 bulbs of garlic may be like, but I know for sure that what happened in the end, I did not expect at all.

This recipe is attributed to a Bulgarian scientist, Professor Hristo Mermerski, and there are some claims that the remedy cured thousands of cancer-sufferers.  Prof. Mermerski supposedly says “It’s a food that treats the entire body, and the cancer in such an organism simply disappears”.


I like exploring alternative cures, and this one has been floating over internet for a while, but I couldn’t find any real testimonies that speak about its effectiveness.

I was attracted, however, to try this as a remedy for colds and flu. If nothing else, it is more than obvious that remedy contains significant amount of essential nutrients necessary to boost the immune system function.

What attracted me the most was a serious amount of fresh garlic, which I consider miraculous plant by itself, so I decided to give it a try.

Garlic RemedyThe recipe calls for

  • 400 g of organic sprouted wheat
  • 15 fresh organic lemons
  • 12 fresh organic garlic bulbs
  • 1 kg organic honey
  • 400 g organic walnuts

Preparation time. You need 2 days to make the sprouted wheat. Once you have them, you’d need additional 2.5-3 hours to put it all together.Garlic Remedy-Wheat Sprouted


  1. Put the wheat in a glass container (e.g. baking dish) and pour water until you cover it by 3-4 centimeters. After 12-14 hours, drain the grains, rinse them, drain them again and leave for another 24 hours to enable growing 1-2 millimeters long sprouts.
  2. Once you have the sprouted grains, peel the garlic (yes it’s a lot of work peeling 12 bulbs of garlic :)).
  3. Squeeze juice of 10 lemons
  4. Put sprouted wheat, garlic, lemon juice, remaining 5 lemons (don’t peel them!) and walnuts in food processor and make a paste. Make sure to remove seeds and cut the lemons in small pieces (my food processor was battling for quite a while to process the lemon peel).
  5. In a glass bowl mix together the paste and the honey with a wooden spoon.
  6. Pour it in the glass containers and leave it the fridge for 3 days before consuming.

Dr. Mermerski suggests consuming it half an hour before breakfast, lunch, dinner and before going to bed.  For cancer he suggests 1 – 2 tablespoons every 2 hours.

Now the best part – I could not resist waiting for 3 days to taste the remedy. To my surprise, the remedy tasted delicious!!! (note I DO like garlic lot :)). The lemon zest, nuts and wheat were sort of crunchy, the garlic taste was nicely balanced with lemon –  almost perfect, I’d say. However you’d probably need to stay at home for a while and eat an apple at some point to neutralize the taste of garlic in your mouth 🙂

Now this can be a nice addition to a detox/cleansing protocol, need to try that as well. Thank you prof. Hristo 🙂

See here an updated version of the recipe  Mermerski Tweaked Recipe Colorectal Cancer 

Food In, Love Out

Garlic Remedy Hristo Mermerski

33 thoughts on “Prof. Hristo Mermerski’s Garlic Remedy. Prevents Cancer. Boosts Your Immune System.”

  1. I am trying to build this recipe and cannot find the green wheat to sprout in my area…only the red. I have read that red is actually acidic in nature…can someone advise whether I can use the red wheat for sprouted grains?


  2. Well shoot, I just made it an only put in 15 cloves of garlic. The first recipe I read on a site said 12 garlic cloves. I thought I was upping the garlic amount. Durn, are you sure?!


  3. Suzanna, he specified green wheat grain,not typical wheat grain. Are you an expert on this recipe, or are you just someone who used regular grain?


  4. Dear Dustin, I am not an expert on this recipe, but I have done the research. Dr Mermerski is Bulgarian and I consulted several Bulgarian sites (like for example, all of which mention regular grain, so I am pretty sure he had in mind regular grain than you need to sprout. By sprouting the grain you collect most of the health benefits. BTW, according to what I know, Freekeh (green wheat) can not be sprouted as it is obtained from regular wheat that has been toasted and cracked whilst still green. I hope it helps.

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  5. Dear Bene, please note that I am not a doctor nor I claim any effectiveness of this remedy especially for difficult conditions. Like with every food based remedy, you take it until it runs out (it lasts maybe a month or two) and then if you see improvements, you continue making new quantities until the condition fully resolves. Even then, you may decide to consume it in smaller quantities preventatively to maintain the good health. After all, this “remedy” is nothing but a healthy foods combination, and healthy foods we need always and not only when we are sick. I hope it helps.

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  6. Helllo Saher. It should not be terribly bitter unless you used all of the lemons with peels (only half of the lemons should be used with peels). Hard to eat could be, especially for those who don’t like garlic. I personally liked the taste at the beginning, but indeed, after couple of weeks, I found it hard to eat , especially because the garlic taste proves hard to get rid of. But with apples and few other aids I manage to continue, knowing it helps me stay super healthy 🙂

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    1. I can’t speak to the validity of the claims, but headache is congruent with Herxheimer reaction, a positive sign of detox, if that is what is happening. If so, you may want to try parsley liver cleanse, slightly wilted cilantro and and milk thistle to help the body bind and eliminate toxins. If Candida is involved, Molybdenum has also helped me eliminate headaches. Hope this helps.

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  7. Hi, suzana, i found your article while searching cancer treatment. I am very impressed with doc recipe and also your way of explaining it. Before making it for my treatment i have just 2 questions please answer it suzana.
    1- If i stored in the fridge then how many days within i consume it as this recipe also have expire date?
    2- It seems that you are consuming it for almost a year. Any health benefits you are achieving, if yes then please explain?
    Your answers will may help me a lot.
    Thank you.


    1. Hello there! It lasts for 2-3 months when stored in the fridge. As a cancer cure – I don’t think it works by itself, and I could not find any solid testimonies to prove that. I do believe it is a powerful addition and may work when combined with some other complete diet protocols like Budwig, Gerson or similar. The only experience I have is with bowel cancer. We combined it with Budwig and it looks promising. I did add coconut oil (200g) and Frankincense (olibanum) essential oil to the mix as they make a powerful combination in this particular case. I hope it works, best of luck! Suzana


  8. I have been taking this remedy for some time now, I love it and a friend of mine loves it too ! We both feel so healthy taking it! We both have full confidence in taking the mixture for good health and will periodically make a batch and consume it as often as we can! Thank you professor Dr Hristo Mermerski for this truly blessed remedy🙏✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
    I will spread the word about this trusted and wonderful remedy and share the recipe as far and wide as possible 🙌👍 yours sincerely, faithfully and confidently Carolyn ❤️

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