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Level 3: Embracement

Level 3 (Connoisseur): Embracement

The Embracement phase is about adopting the healthy lifestyle in all integrity and from all angels: body, nutrition and spirit.

Obviously it is most demanding as it requires full determination and perseverance, and most rewarding as you grow to understand the “secret” to happiness and joyful living.

This “phase” has been and still is a very special journey for me and my family and we appreciate and cherish every step of the way.

The changes and techniques implemented here become part of how you live.

I will outline here the checklist of things to do, for the reference. Each of those needs time and commitment and some further research  to find techniques that work best for each individual.

I summarize it by dividing it in five main groups

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        •  Well-Being Essentials
        • Advanced Nutrition For Level 3
        • Say No to Toxins
        • Detox & Cleansing
        • Additional Supplements

1. Well-Being Essentials

      • Sunshine. We are the children of the Sun. Light and sun exposure are essentials in our wellbeing.  Vitamin D, produced by our skin during the sun exposure, has been shown to shrink tumors. The best way to obtain the healing benefits of sunlight is somewhat complicated, please read here for some guideline on how to it.
      • Exercise. Regular exercise builds up immunity, speeds up the elimination of toxins and keeps the body oxygenated. Moderate exercise, brisk walking, jumping on trampoline or any other form that you enjoy is important to be done every day or at least four times per week.  Besides exercise, a highly alkaline, raw diet, deep breathing, pure water intake etc. are good for oxygenizing. Read more about some techniques here.
      • Sleep. Good-quality, restful sleep is indispensable. During sleep our bodies rebuild and detoxify. During the deep sleep we connect to our inner being.  It is necessary to stop eating at least two-three hours before sleep.  Sleeping in complete darkness stimulates melatonin, a hormone that promotes restful sleep. You can find around the internet many tips to improve the sleep. Here is dr. Mercola’s take on it: Secrets To A Good Night Sleep.
      • Stress handling. Psychological factor, negative emotions and stress tend to be far more prevalent as disease triggers than all of the other physical ones. 80% percent of all diseases appears to be caused by negative thoughts and emotions.

Consequently, whatever you do you may not skip “Stress Handling”, otherwise the whole program makes no sense. Even if we eat the healthiest food, exercise and avoid all toxins of the world, we can still become sick when we let the stress and clogged mind take control.
This has been my biggest challenge in the past and I am still learning. I have not met many who have been super successful. My suggestion would be to try different things and see what works best.
I found that yoga and meditation work well, but for sure may not work for all. You need to keep trying to find your own working formula and never give up until you find it. Read more about some of the techniques here.

2. Advanced Nutrition in Level 3

Your grocery shopping list should, from now on, become limited to organic vegetables and fruit, free-range, organic, high quality meat, wild caught deep water fish, organic eggs, organic raw diary, whole grain /no wheat/gluten, coconut oil and ghee, olive oil, herbs and spices, apple cider vinegar and some raw chocolate. Ok, a glass of good organic wine is fine.

Special attention should be paid to carefully choose natural, nontoxic cosmetic and skin-care products as well as products for household cleaning, washing etc.

Adding “PowerFoods”

The following “powerfoods” provide multiple health benefits and are very powerful and important in modern disease prevention. This will make a difference when we introduce them as regular eating habit which is what I suggest at this stage of the program.

It is important to know that a number of people is allergic even to some “powerfoods”. It might be considered one of the healthiest foods in the world, but if your body gives you a signal to avoid it, then it is typically best to listen to your body.

Some of these “powerfoods” are

          • Lactic fermented food.
          • Herbs & spices.
          • Soaked seeds and nuts.
          • Sprouted seeds.
          • Avocado.
          • Cruciferous vegetables (and in particular broccoli).
          • Chia seeds.
          • Wild Alaskan salmon.
          • Bone broth.

You can read more info on the why these PowerFoods, what are the health properties, which herb and spices and how best to use them by following the link to the PowerFoods.

3. Say No to Toxins

      • No-No List of Toxins. We live in a toxic world and are surrounded by hormone-disrupting and cancer causing chemicals. The truth is that we can’t fully avoid them, however we need to educate ourselves on the biggest offenders and try our best to avoid them.  Read more about 20 of the most common offenders: 10 Environmental Toxins and 10 Food Additives.
      • No-No Food & Stuff List. In different sections I mention certain foods or things to avoid. Please find a recap of all of the foods to avoid here.
      • Dental Care. Toxic mercury, stainless steel and other metals are still used in dentistry. Learn about natural dental care basics (which toothpaste, mouthwash, which toothbrush, for how long etc.) here.
      • Natural Skin Care. Learn how to use Coconut Oil as Replacement For Beauty and Skin Care Products here.
      • Non-Toxic Cleaning. Ditch your toxic housecleaning products and start using vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide instead. Learn also about some safer commercial alternatives. More here.

4. Detox & Cleansing.

      • Detoxification is flushing out waste from our bodies. However, as we live in a toxic world, toxins are abnormally accumulated as a consequence of consuming processed foods, inhaling air filled with car exhaust, etc. and our ability to detox is severely impaired.  This is why we need to learn how to induce detox.

Learn about some natural ways and techniques to detox here.

5. Additional Supplements.

      • As part of the Level 2 we have ensured good vitamin intake through the food or introduced the following key supplements in case you can’t supply it sufficiently through the food:  Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Probiotic, Omega 3 and Multivitamin.

Now it is time to extend and have a closer look at Iodine, Chlorella, Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil (if you are female), Vitamin B, Magnesium, Calcium and Fiber.

Make your own judgment whether you need supplements or your food is a sufficient source. Please read more about each of them here.

The checklist ends here. To implement the changes and techniques suggested as part of the “Embracement” can last from one month for most dedicated to few months for those who have some additional research to do.

Once you managed to implement a vast majority of the things required and they become interwoven in the way you live, I wish you a –

Warm Welcome to Your New, Longer and Healthier Life.

Breathe In, Love Out

Level 2: Endurance

Level 2: Endurance is based on closely looking and applying with rigor Do’s and Don’ts for each of the base nutrients listed in Food Essentials: Sugar, Protein, Oil/Fats, Grains/Starch, Dairy, Salt, Water and Vegetables&Fruits.

BeeYou can read more by following each of the links; here I only enclose the steps with some checklists.

In addition to “base nutrients”, I suggest adding some Supplements as well as looking into the Well-being Essentials.

Here are all of the things that I suggest taking care of in the Endurance phase.

Have a wonderful and tasteful journey!

 1. Sugar

  • Honey is a healthy alternative to sugar, when used it in its pure, raw form.
  • Stevia is a sweet herb derived from the leaf of the South American stevia plant, which is completely safe in its natural form.


  • All artificial sweeteners: aspartame (Canderel and others), saccharin and sucralose (chlorinated artificial sweetener). Agave syrup is typically highly processed so best to avoid it.
  • Read ingredients list and avoid food that contains ‘corn syrup’, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) or any variation
  • Processed foods labeled as “no-“ or “low-fat” (usually means it’s loaded with fructose or sugar), or “no-“ or “low sugar” diet foods (which usually contain artificial sweeteners).
  • Soda drinks. Filtered water is our best bet.
  • Sweets. A bar of preferably raw chocolate is ok 😉

Read more here.

2. Protein

  • Meat (organic, hormone free). All meats, including poultry with exception of pork.
  • Eggs (organic, cage-free) – best to consume them raw or lightly boiled/cooked.
  • Fish – deep or cold water wild/ caught. Avoid sorts that are likely to be contaminated with mercury etc.
  • Raw dairy (butter from raw milk, cheese from raw milk, raw or lightly pasteurized milk, yogurt).
  • Beans are sources of good, but not complete proteins.


  • Soy (except fermented soy products like tempeh, miso and natto)

Read more here.

3. Oil and Fats

  • For cooking and baking the best is to use exclusively coconut oil or ghee.
  • Other extremely healthy oils/fats like butter (from raw, organic milk) and olive oil are great sources of healthy fat/oils but they should not be heated.
  • Avocados, walnuts, egg yolks are additional sources of healthy fats.


  • Vegetable oils (omega-6) like corn, soy, sunflower, canola.
  • Margarine and all other butter mimicking foods including “cholesterol free” cooking fats should never be used especially for cooking.
  • Frying. If you really need to fry use ghee or coconut oil.

Read more here.

4. Grains/Starch

  • Intake of grains/starch in general needs to be significantly reduced. Use of wholegrain sorts like oatmeal, kamut, wild/brown rice, barley, rye, buckwheat, quinoa etc. is controversial to an extent, but many consider them as healthy alternatives and I see no harm including them unless you have health issues. The same goes for potatoes. In general potato consumption needs to be reduced significantly, I like replacing it occasionally with sweet potato that is higher in nutrients.


  • Wheat/gluten need to be fully avoided or at least significantly reduced.

Read more here.

5. Dairy/Milk

  • Raw whole, unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk. It is very difficult to obtain it but sometimes you can buy it directly from small farms.
  • Second best would be the whole, pasteurized, non-homogenized milk from cows raised on organic feed which is now available in many health food shops.
  • Alternative sources of calcium are: cultured buttermilk that is often more easily digested than regular milk. Butter obtained from raw milk is great especially for children. Goat milk and yogurt is a great alternative and easily digested.


  • Pasteurized and homogenized milk and pasteurized dairy.

Read more here.

6. Salt

  • Use only natural, unprocessed salt like e.g. Himalayan salt and Celtic Salt (high in iodine).
  • Introduce green vegetable juices as an excellent way to ensure your potassium intake.


  • All processed foods, which are very high in processed salt and low in potassium and other essential nutrients.

Read more here.

7. Water

  • Drink only filtered water. Purchase water filters that take out the chlorine and fluoride from your water.


  • Bottled water, vitamin water and similar.

Read more here.

8. Vegetables and Juicing

  •  6-8 servings of fresh organic vegetables (and fruits) per day. Juicing is the easiest way to reach our daily requirement.
  • Take couple of vegetables that you normally like, that don’t have too strong flavor (e.g. cucumber (peel it), fennel, carrot or spinach) and add lemon, lime, apple or ginger to improve taste.
  • When you get used to juicing, shift slowly towards more vegetables and less sweet fruits.


  • Eating too much fruits at expense of vegetables.

Read more here.

9. Supplements.

The nutrition we need can be in principle fully obtained from wholesome, organic food.

However, for people on the go and especially frequent travelers it can be quite challenging to get all the nutrients that body need.

Read more and please consider adding some supplements enlisted  here or others that you feel you may need in addition.

10. Well-Being Essentials.

In addition to nutrition, at this stage I also suggest looking into implementing the basics of the Well-Being Essentials. However, if it feels overwhelming, focus on nutrition first and leave it for the next phase.

 Food In, Love Out.  See you at the Level 3 🙂